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Cometic – Toyota, Lotus [2ZZ-GE] – Headgasket 82.0-82.5mm 0.052″ (1.3mm)

Product type: Engine & Transmission

Vendor: Cometic


$ 190.00

Cometic multi-layer steel head gaskets are the best way to seal aftermarket cylinder heads to an engine. With three layers of stainless steel, these gaskets offer better torque retention, less distortion, and better sealing than conventional or composite head gaskets in high horsepower, high cylinder-pressure applications.

      • Available in various bore sizing and thickness.


      • 2ZZ-GE engine


      • Special order
      • Lead time: 6 weeks before shipping.


      • Due to the multiple variables possible with any engine combination, all compression ratios listed are approximate. To accurately calculate the static compression ratio of any engine, the following values must be known: Bore diameter, stroke length, rod length, deck height, combustion chamber volume, cylinder head gasket compressed thickness, and cylinder head gasket bore diameter.