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Toyota MR2 Turbo E153 5-Speed Transmission w/ LSD (USED)

Product type: Engine & Transmission

Vendor: Midship Garage


$ 1,500.00

This 5-speed transmission was available in the European and Japanese markets for the 1993+ Toyota MR2 SW20 model with the 3S-GTE engine. This E153 transmission features a viscous LSD standard from factory.

Gear Ratios

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Reverse Final
3.230 1.913 1.258 0.918 0.731 3.545



These transmissions come wrapped in shock resistant bubble tape and placed in a cardboard box, or custom-made, foam lined wooden crate at an additional cost. Express shipping within 5-7 days anywhere worldwide.

Used, with approximately 50-70k miles, complete with no major mechanical wear.

Item photos shown are for sample purposes.

Does Midship Garage accept returns?

For used items, all sales are final.