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Genuine OEM - Toyota MR2 Spyder Euro C66 6-Speed Transmission w/ LSD - USED

Product type: Engine & Transmission

Vendor: Midship Garage


$ 1,350.00

This 6-speed transmission was only available in the European markets for the MR2/MR-S. The C66 transmission features a helical LSD standard from factory which was not offered in the US. It requires no modification to install, unlike the C60 Celica/Corolla/Matrix/Vibe transmissions. Enjoy lower cruising revs with the extra gear, increasing fuel economy.


  • Gear Ratios
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th   6th  Reverse Final
3.166 1.904 1.310 0.969 0.815 0.725 3.250


    •  Will this work with my 2zzge swap?
      • While this transmission was designed for for the non-VVTLi 1zzfe engine, this can be also installed on a 2zz just the same. However, there are claims that it may be necessary to adjust the 2zz lift point through aftermarket engine management, to stay in lift during gear changes on a stock engine. Not all have experienced these issues and unless you plan on racing, may or may not be a concern. Please be sure to confirm use for your application.



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