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Genuine OEM - Toyota Celica ZZT JDM/EUDM - 2ZZ-GE Engine & C64 6-speed Transmission w/ LSD, 4.5 FD - USED

Product type: Engine

Vendor: Midship Garage


$ 1,400.00


This 1.8L, 190hp 2zzge engine is available in the Toyota Celica T-Sport (Europe), and GT-S S-II (Japanese) markets. The engine comes complete with all accessories including wiring harness and ECU. The transmission is the C64 unit with 4.5 final drive and comes equipped with factory limited slip differential.

This package is available in used condition, from running vehicles, ranging between 50-60k miles. Each engine is tested and proven in good condition registering compression at or above 190 psi per cylinder. Each transmission is tested to select each gear properly without grinding.


  •  Complete with all accessories including wiring harness and ECU.
  • C64 6-speed transmission with 4.5 final drive and comes equipped with factory limited slip differential
  • Engine and transmission tested in good working condition.


  • 1999-2006 Toyota Celica GT & GT-S Models (ZZT230/231)
    • Europe, Japan, USA  variant
  • 1999-2007 Toyota MR2 Spyder, MR-S, Roadster Models (ZZW30)
    • Vehicle must be modified for 2zzge engine swap
    • Europe, Japan, USA  variant


This package will be processed and packaged within 3 business days, then delivered within 4-7 days to either a residence or business of your choice.

Does this package come with warranty?

Due to the item's used condition, Midship Garage will allow a 30-day start-up warranty only. To qualify for warranty, the engine must be unmodified and installed by a ASE certified repair shop.

This warranty applies to USED, JDM motors only...

  • All motors purchased from Midship Garage come with a 100% start-up warranty only and is sold as is.
  • Motors come with all sensors intact unless noted or notified to the customer or description.
  • Start up warranty is only valid on USED, JDM motors and is unconditional when changing the following engine components:- spark plugs, spark plug wires (leads), rotor, timing belt, water pump and tension pulley with the necessary seals. All of the previously mentioned have to be changed on the motor to become legible for the 100% start-up warranty.
  • The startup warranty is only valid if the engine is installed within 15 days of delivery.
  • Purchaser/user assumes all costs and risk to the motor and components if prior mentioned items were not changed, the 100% start-up warranty becomes void.
  • The startup warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence during install, included, but not limited to: overheating, improper cooling components, improper engine lubrication, or other means of improper preparation prior to or during install.
  • Warranty does not cover if aftermarket or performance parts are used during installation.
  • Warranty does not cover international or domestic shipping costs.

Photos are used for sample purposes. Actual item may vary.