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Installation Guide: CLP Toyota MR2 Spyder Midship Style Bar

Install Time
  • 45 minutes to 1-hour


Recommended Tools
  • Hand Ratchet
    • 13mm socket
  • Flat-blade Screwdriver
  • Drill & 45mm hole saw
    • You can use another method of cutting tool, but the hole saw is the most precise option.

Step 1

  • Remove driver and passenger door sill. Simply pull gently and wiggle the sill until each of the four clips release.


Step 2

  • Using the hand ratchet and 13mm socket, remove the lower seat belt mounting bolts. There is one for each side, driver and passenger.

Step 3

  • Remove driver and passenger side pillar plastics.
    • Remove the two push-pin rivets at the top of the side pillar panel by pushing in the center with a pointed object.
    • Unclip the side pillar plastics, again simply by gently pulling and wiggling (pulling away from the outside edge).
    • Locate two white rivets they may still be in place on the plastic or they may have fallen off.
    • Keep the two push-pin rivets and two white rivets from each plastic side panel in a safe place.

Step 4

  • Feed the lower seat belt bracket through the slot in the side pillar panel and remove the panel.

Step 5

  •  Install CLP Midship Style Bar
    • Slide driver and passenger seats forward.
    • Raise wind deflector into the "up" position. It will remain up from now on.
  • Working one side at a time, remove the top seat belt mounting bolt. Be careful not to lose the washers underneath each bolt.

Step 6

  • Align the bar over the revealed hole.
  • Place the supplied washer on top then the seat belt bracket.
  • Place the bolt and washers through each and semi-tighten.

Step 7

  • Repeat Step 6 for the other side (driver or passenger).
  • Fully tighten bolts once fitment is finalized. 

Step 8

  • Find the center of the hole in the template and using the 45mm hole saw at slow speed, carefully drill your hole.
    • The drilled hole will not fit over the style bar due to the brackets at either end.
  • Cut a slit in the plastic panel as shown on the template.

Step 9

  • Thread the lower seat belt bracket back through the slot in the side panel and re-attach the bracket.
  • Carefully bend the slit on the plastic panel at the hole to allow you to slip it over the style bar.
    • If the fitment is slightly off, enlarge the holes until the desired fit is achieved.
  • Replace all studs on the driver and passenger side panel plastics.
  • Clip the panels back into place.
  • Replace the driver and passenger door sill plastics and ensure the lower sealt belt bracket bolts are fastened tightly.

Step 10